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Entry #3

Future Plans

2009-04-23 15:47:30 by TechFinch

With the Nintendo DSi "Promo" finished and out of the way (only took about a week or so), I'll be working further on "Moments in Video Games: Episode 2." I still need a female voice, however, so feel free to PM/email me if you're interested. Make sure to attach or link a demo of your voice, if you've got one.

The next episode is looking like it might be longer than the first, so I'm looking at splitting it up. Flash doesn't like it when you try and export a movie longer than 5,000 frames, and the last episode had a little more than 11,000, which ended up causing a lot of frustration with the audio sync/file size.

/end rambling

Thanks for everyone who has reviewed/viewed/voted on my stuff. I appreciate it!

- TF



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2009-04-28 08:14:30

I will happily add my voice to any of your next projects :)